Ano Single set – flashing LED safety lights


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Night King Pro brings you the most stylish flashing LED safety lights you could fit to your bike

  • Flashing or steady modes
  • Red for the rear plus white for the front
  • Silicon strap for easy mounting to seat post and handle bars
  • Anodized housing made from aircraft grade aluminum
  • 150 hours in flashing mode with 2xCR2032 batteries each
  • Rain proof sealing

 These lights get noticed by other cyclists and road users for a reason!

  • Wide angle visibility gives outstanding exposure to traffic approaching from the side
  • Classy appearance that looks at home on any high performance bike
  • Blinking LED safety lights are more likely to be noticed by other road users.
  • Push the lens to operate

Currently only available in black – colors coming in the future will include silver and red


Bicycle lighting is required in most countries, with a white light to the front and red light to the rear. Flashing LED safety lights increase the likely hood of being noticed by other uses decreasing the likely hood of an incident.

The machined and anodized housing looks far cooler than most plastic lights that look out of place on a high performance bike. Mounting in line with the seat post and handle bars make them look integrated, rather than an after thought.

The silicon strap allows quick and easy mounting to the seat post and handle bars. The angled base compensates for the slope of the seat post.

The cut out in the housing allows the flashing LED safety lights to be seen from the side as well as from the front.

Push the lens once for flashing mode, push the lens again for constant mode, push it again to turn the unit off.

Batteries are replaced by unscrewing the housing from the base. O-ring seals used for wet conditions.


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